SOLD OUT! Roc Marciano - Rosebudd's Revenge (Special Limited Edition Gold Vinyl)

SOLD OUT! Roc Marciano - Rosebudd's Revenge (Special Limited Edition Gold Vinyl)

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"This shit jewelry, you can wear my rhymes, boy" - Roc Marci

 Get a touch of gold with this special limited edition pressing of Rosebudd's Revenge.  

Delivery Expected May 19, 2017.  By ordering this pre-order, you acknowledge the delivery timeframe.  This is only an estimate. 

***Please note that we have sold out of the first 100 copies which will be autographed.*** 

***Each limited edition copy of 250 will be hand numbered.*** 

Album Description

Purchase an instant classic from the venerable New York emcee and producer, including features from Ka and production from Knxwledge, Arch Druids and Roc Marci himself.

Time waits for no man, but venerable New York emcee and producer Roc Marci remains a rare exception to the rule. Enchanting listeners with his dexterous lyricism, methodically soulful beats, and steely persona on releases like 2010's critically-acclaimed Marcberg, and his revered 2012 effort, Reloaded, the pride of Hempstead, Long Island emerges from the shadows after a three-year hiatus with the equally spellbinding Rosebudd's Revenge. This is the rapper's fourth studio album.  Aside from appearances on landmark releases, including De La Soul's Grammy-nominated And the Anonymous Nobody, and Ka's Days With Dr. Yen Lo, Roc Marci's presence has been scarce, making Rosebudd's Revenge one of the more anticipated hip-hop releases of 2017.

Enlisting his band of collaborators to join him on every song on his last release, Roc Marci flips the script on his latest offering.  Rosebudd’s Revenge’s lone features are frequent collaborators: Brownsville emcee Ka on the epic sparring session "Marksmen," and Knowledge The Pirate on "No Smoke."  This uncluttered lineup gives Roc Marci ample space to deliver his tales from the strip. Key selections from Rosebudd's Revenge include the suave, keyboard-laden affair "Better Know," "Killing Time," "Pig Knuckles," and the hard-boiled title-track, and boasts musings that rank among the best of Roc Marci's tenured run.

Spilling his fluid flow over production from the likes of Grammy-nominated producer Knxwledge, as well as George Paulin, Animoss, Don C, Modus Op, and himself, Roc Marci reaffirms his placement on the musical avant garde and standing as one of hip-hop's preeminent lyricists on Rosebudd's Revenge, a defining effort that will leave fans salivating for more.

Again, delivery is estimated for May 19, 2017.  Classics take time to make!